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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Andrew Wiseman FREELANCE

Stories by this contributor.

  • Surveys and 'the swipe'


    With the prevalence of the ‘swipe’ gesture in apps like Tinder, should researchers be incorporating this intuitive action into mobile surveys? Andrew Wiseman of ICM asks.

  • The new age of ‘selfie-importance’


    How can researchers benefit from people’s desire to be seen and heard as individuals asks Andrew Wiseman.

  • Talking about my Generation X


    Brands need to be ready for the ticking toxic time-bomb that is Generation X because they will refuse to follow the stereotypes of 55+ behaviour says Andrew Wiseman.

  • Twee, fake and disingenuous


    Andrew Wiseman questions whether consumers are really fooled by brands on social media.

  • Keeping it real – what’s the point of Real Time Research?


    Andrew Wiseman, managing director of ICM, ponders the relative merits of real time research.

  • Negotiating the data deluge

    Nov 2010

    DATA SPECIAL— Andrew Wiseman, director of ICM Research, on how a bit of careful thought can help companies extract value from the deluge of data.

  • The 'procurement paradox' facing research


    Research is recession-proof, right? Not this time round, says Andrew Wiseman, CEO of Quaestor. The squeeze on marketing budgets is putting pressure on research spend and bringing agencies face-to-face with procurement departments like never before. But can insight be treated in the same way as manufactured widgets?