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Sunday, 21 December 2014

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Twee, fake and disingenuous


Andrew Wiseman questions whether consumers are really fooled by brands on social media.

I’m a Celebrity Endorser, Get Me Out of Here!


Does research have a role in determining when a celebrity will add shine to a brand ponders Research Now’s Ben Hogg.

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Speed, transparency, and 'good enough' research


In his second blog from the Insight and Innovation Exchange (IIeX) APAC conference in Sydney, Stephen Phillips of Zappistore discusses fast and slow research and other highlights.

Intimacy, mobile chat and self-service


Stephen Phillips offers his highlights from day one at the Insight and Innovation Exchange (IIeX) in Sydney.

I have seen the future of market research, and it works


It’s time to ditch the battle of methodologies and embrace tech combining the powers of big data and qualitative says Focus Vision’s Steve August

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The spiral of silence in polling


Pollsters have to contend with all aspects of human behaviour when trying to deliver accurate voting predictions says ICM Research’s Martin Boon.

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Video saved the radio star


Passively measured data can tell you a lot but to get to the ‘why’, researchers still need to ask specific questions says Research Now’s Ben Hogg.

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Wearable technology and the age of awareness


Dr Bob Cook of Firefish dares to mention the C-word as he discusses how this year’s must-have gifts may change the way brands gain insight into people’s lives and how people view themselves.


Will Self on brands and storytelling Video


Novelist Will Self discusses his use of research in his stories and how to deal with ‘everythingitis’ – an interest in absolutely everything. Filmed at Impact 2014, the Market Research Society’s annual conference.

Martin Sorrell: keynote interview in full Video


Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP and patron of the Market Research Society (MRS) interviewed at Impact 2014, the society’s annual conference.

'Aim high, even if you hit a cabbage'


Self-confessed ‘data geek’ Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson shared her secrets to success at the MRS Conference.

'With knowledge comes power, and with power comes great responsibility'


New MRS president Dianne Thompson gives her inaugural speech at MRS Annual Conference.

'I'm a waterboatman on the meniscus of knowledge'


In the keynote interview on day two of the MRS Conference, Will Self explains why he feels among friends in a room full of researchers.


Staying one step ahead of the weather makers


How corporations can respond to the rise in activism by keeping close watch on NGOs.

From the death of risk to rogue food: turning trends to traction


A series of case studies presented at the MRS Conference described ways of responding to consumer change.

'There's a gap crying out for people to help companies deal with data'


Stuart Rose discusses how researchers can sell insight to entrepreneurs at the MRS Conference.

Rob Ellison, media manager at Mondelez

Why counting fans is not enough


The explosion of social media has taken us all by surprise, says Stephen Maher, MBA chief executive – but approaches to measurement are ‘not as refined and rigorous’ as one would hope.

'A lot of noise, and very little informed debate'


Deborah Mattinson, Peter Kellner and Richard Wilson debate decision-making in a ‘tweetocracy’.

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Online surveys need handling with care


Respondents to online surveys are often used as barometers for broader influence. Steve Abbott looks at when this works and when it can lead to problems.

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Profiling the positives of Generation Rent


The assumption is often that when adult children are forced to live at home because of their finances it has a negative impact on families’ lives. But this isn’t necessarily the case says OMD’s Rian Shah.

Five things you should never do in a segmentation…


Anne Coveney identifies the five worst crimes committed in the conception, implementation and use of segmentation studies.

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Re-positioning the survey


The survey is the face of market research, says Lucy Hoang of Northstar. But are we putting our best face forward?

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