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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

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Activating relationship strategy


Is the agency landscape shifting with a move back to clients opting for a lead strategic agency? And if so, how can you plan your business strategy to meet this challenge asks Paul Tredwell.  

Do something differently Video


In his latest video blog, Michael Brown talks to Monkey See Research founder, Helen Nuki, about measuring behaviour and other challenges of measuring ad effectiveness.

Bias in the spotlight: status quo bias


Status quo bias is a preference for the current state of affairs. We often avoid change; and if faced with a choice tend to go-with-the-flow of pre-set options or defaults.

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Bias in the spotlight: mental accounting


Our natural inclination to compartmentalise our finances can lead to some surprising and sometimes contradictory behaviour, writes Crawford Hollingworth.

Constant change requires constant relationships


Regardless of work flow, research agencies need to be ready to participate and share thinking with clients if they are to break out of a project-based relationship says Paul Tredwell.

Bias in the spotlight: paradox of choice


The paradox of choice is that while we think more choice would make us happy, the reality is that it often doesn’t explains Crawford Hollingworth.

Advertising effectiveness Video


In the latest in the series of Michael Brown’s video blogs, he talks to adam&eveDDB’s Les Binet about how to determine advertising effectiveness.

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The Jeremy Corbyn effect


As the Labour Party gathers in Brighton for its annual conference, all eyes are on Jeremy Corbyn. ICM Unlimited’s Gregor Jackson, looks at how the new leader is going down in marginals.

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How digital devices are changing the path to purchase


Digital ease may vary across the generations but it is altering the way in which products are bought across every age group says SSI’s Pete Cape.

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Has sadvertising had its day?


Emotional advertising is better at building long-term brand awareness than message-based ads but has the trend for sad Christmas TV advertising, epitomised by John Lewis, run its course asks BrainJuicer’s Tom Ewing.

Bringing analytics to the people


More data doesn’t always mean better business decisions. But with the help of data science tools, employees at all levels can act on this added insight says Bobby Koritala

The democratisation of market research


Technology means small brands can now access market research in a way that was previously confined to big brands argues Anthony Vinci.

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