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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

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Bias in the spotlight: availability bias


In his fourth blog looking at behavioural economic biases, Crawford Hollingworth explores the availability bias.

ELECTION BLOG: Digital democracy


The internet has changed the way people participate in democracies around the world but the UK is lagging behind and this is a barrier to voting.

Why is B2B research the poor cousin?


Sixteen times more is spent on consumer research than business research but business-to-business companies need to understand their market just as much as consumer-facing ones explains Andrew Dalglish.

Emotional execution Video


In the second of a series of video blogs looking at different methodologies for video content evaluation, BrainJuicer’s John Kearon talks to UM London’s Michael Brown.

Bias in the spotlight: optimism bias


In the third in a series of blogs exploring different behavioural economic biases, Crawford Hollingworth looks at the optimism bias.

ELECTION BLOG: GE15 all seems a bit old


Campaigning for the General Election has officially begun, but can the work of pollsters change the political narrative this time round?

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Saving the world, one survey at a time


A good CSR programme can have many positive effects on business, says Ben Hogg. So what can researchers do to help?

Bias in the spotlight: heuristics


In the second of a series of blogs exploring different behavioural economic biases, Crawford Hollingworth looks at heuristics.

Fit-for-purpose sampling in the digital age


Chair of the ESOMAR professional standards committee, Adam Phillips, discusses trustworthy online sampling ahead of a debate on that topic at the MRS Annual Conference, Impact 2015.

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Talking about my Generation X


Brands need to be ready for the ticking toxic time-bomb that is Generation X because they will refuse to follow the stereotypes of 55+ behaviour says Andrew Wiseman.

Bias in the spotlight: system 1 and 2


In the first of a series of blogs looking at different behavioural economic biases, Crawford Hollingworth discusses the two modes of thinking: system 1 and 2.

The real secret life of four year olds – or just good TV?


The Channel 4 documentary may make entertaining viewing but how much does it tell us about what goes on in four year olds’ minds?

Survey sensitivity


Exploring attitudes to religion requires a careful approach. ScotCen’s Anna Marcinkiewicz describes how cognitive interviewing can inform appropriate survey design.

Evaluating viral Video


In the first of a new series of video blogs looking at different methodologies for video content evaluation, Ian Forrester, Unruly’s insight director shares his thoughts with UM London’s Michael Brown.


'The market research industry is lagging behind', says former Camelot CEO Dianne Thompson


Former Camelot chief executive Dianne Thompson told delegates at Impact 2015 that the UK’s market research industry is lagging behind other marketing disciplines, a point echoed by her fellow panellists.

Fishing and cooking – how to make online samples fit for purpose


The rise of online research raises big questions about sampling error and the reliability of survey findings, Impact 2015 heard yesterday.

‘Good storytelling should be in the service of good ideas’ author Sebastian Faulks told Impact 2015


English novelist Sebastian Faulks told delegates at Impact 2015, that while thorough research is a must, the reader should feel they are “discovering something, not having it rammed down your throat”.

Reshaping reputations - how emotional engagement can drive the bottom line


Social and emotional engagement are playing an increasingly important role in brand reputation and driving profit margins, according to panellists at Impact 2015.

'I'm the Kim Kardashian of data' proclaims Brendan Dawes at Impact 2015


Artist, designer and self-confessed data geek Brendan Dawes told delegates at Impact 2015 how information can be used to create physical objects of beauty that take on a life outside the PC screen.

UK heading for 'car crash' General Election says Tory pollster Andrew Cooper


‘We’re heading towards a car crash of an election result’ reckons Tory pollster and ex David Cameron strategist Andrew Cooper

Rise of the machines – technology transforming research


Artificial intelligence, social media measurement and virtual reality promise to transform consumer insight, Impact 2015 heard.

Research as recovery: stories of change


Researchers from Rethink Mental Illness, Marie Stopes International and the BBC on how not only the findings, but the act of conducting research, can make a difference.

Understanding minds essential to successful military strategy, general tells Impact 2015


The need for strong, long-term strategy on international affairs is stronger than ever – and market researchers have a role to play in mapping the “human terrain” of geopolitics, General Sir Richard Shirreff said.

'Qual researchers must walk tall in the land of machines'


At a time when researchers are obsessed with technological innovation, emotional intelligence is what sets qualitative researchers apart, says Peter Totman of Jigsaw Research.

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The shape of the tolerance zone


Rory Sutherland considers the role of quadratic voting and where, when and how it may be applied.

Behavioural economics: a con?


Behavioural economics has a monopoly on policy-making, says Tonic’s Charlie Richards. But is it just a useful label? And do labels really matter?

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Unifying the voice of a brand's 12th man


Data sources should not compete with each other, but rather provide a collective view of the customer says Ryan Garner.

MR and VoC: two sides of the same strategic coin


Market research and voice of the customer work should complement, not threaten each other, says Wale Omiyale of Confirmit.