NEWS24 February 2017

InCrowd launches qualitative ‘micro-research’ offer

Healthcare Innovations News North America

US – InCrowd has unveiled a new qualitative ‘micro-research’ offer for healthcare, MicroQual, intended to enable time-poor healthcare professionals to take part in research. 

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MicroQual applies the principles of micro research – brevity and iteration – to the qualitative market research process for healthcare. 

This effectively means a shortening of the process: MicroQual automates and streamlines the process of coordinating and carrying out qualitative virtual research. This involves organising – at short notice – quick, virtual meetings with participants (healthcare professionals), with a view to enabling them to take part in qualitative research despite having limited time. 

"The qualitative market research process still has way too much friction that gets in the way of delivering timely information to support important business decisions," said Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd.

"MicroQual does for qualitative research what InCrowd has pioneered and proven in quantitative life science market research. It helps life science and healthcare organisations to gather more comprehensive qualitative insights, faster, and with far greater efficiency."