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Tim Macer

Tim Macer

Managing Director, meaning ltd, London

Tim is a technology advocate and evangelist for the MR community worldwide. Tim writes the Interface column in Research magazine, where he has written over 150 software reviews, and this blog is syndicated from his own at As principal at meaning ltd he works with researchers, users of research data and technology providers around world on their research technology issues. He also researches the subject as Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton. While Tim never underestimates just how complicated research can be, he is always on the lookout for technology that will make it less so.

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  • Comment on: PASW Text Analytics for Surveys (SPSS) reviewed

    Tim Macer's comment | 4-May-2010 11:36 am

    Melissa - there are two different price models - the £2,794 price is for a single licence tied to a single user on their PC, the £6,985 is for a single network licence that anyone can use in the organisation, but the number of people using it at once is limited to the number of concurrent user licences you buy - and the £6,895 price is for just one licence. These are the prices I was given in April last year,so they may have varied since then, especially since the underlying prices are in US Dollars. I don't have prices for add-on users, but these were less than the base price.

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