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Tea and Sympathy

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A good client briefing

Sat, 23 Jan 2010

Just back from a business briefing at T-Mobile. It was for about 10 or so research agencies and was all about their plans for the year and how we could hopefully help out. I have been to these types of things before but not enough, they are a great way of understanding clients key objectives and also getting to know them and their issues better.

Besides, this being the small industry it is we also got the chance to catch up and gossip with some friendly competitors. It helps us see the bigger picture and fosters what clients are always after, integrated thinking across agencies for the good of the business.

On the train back it did make me wonder why we don’t do this more. Of course these things take time and resource, are not urgent priorities and can easily be put off. The payoff isn’t immediate and probably not obvious. But it does make a difference. Certainly from our side we know the wider business issues better and so can make more realistic suggestions and recommendations but more than that we will be generally more engaged.

But before getting critical of other clients not doing the same thing it did make me think what the equivalent would be for us as an agency to do. Presumably we should invite all our suppliers over, discuss with them and staff the vision for the next 12 months, listen to what they think before pushing ahead. Oh dear, better start arranging some more meetings then!!