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Saturday, 28 November 2015

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Yes yes yes! Or, to put it another way "no, no, no (go back and do it again)!". As you say, this isn't a new problem, and it's one that I've found across agencies and continents. If anything, the large agencies seem to have the biggest problems, and as I think has been identified, a lot of this may relate to the hierarchical nature of their structure, with senior researchers winning business and junior execs doing the legwork. But I've found it's particularly true in North America. The analysis skills and lack thereof of some senior researchers I've worked with from big agencies would embarrass a new graduate, let alone someone heading up a project. The lack of thinking about implications, priorities or what actually matters beggars belief. (I should point out as well, though, that even some excellent data-heads generally produce awful reports - it's not confined to the research-inept). It's got to the point where for every project I work on I now have to factor in several weeks of my own time to take the report, re-analyse and rewrite it - and it's a short step from there to going to a basic field and tab study. The industry is finding its margins being increasingly stifled, and this is one reason why.

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