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Saturday, 28 November 2015

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Time to brush up on your social skills


An interesting post. But something still mystifies me. If we are to rely on 'short sharp' questions (I've seen some as short as 2 Qs), how are we going to come up with the deep and meaningful consumer insights that our clients are demanding? There is a reason quallies call them depth interviews - and it's a darned good reason. One of the problems as I see it is that we're beginning to confuse breadth with depth. It's much more expedient and convenient to ask a gazillion people a couple of questions than to actually plumb the deep thoughts and inter-relationships of the few. I think that there is also confusion over 'engagement'. We're shortening our questionnaires to keep response rates up all in the name of 'engagement'. Just maybe all we're doing is 'dumbing down' to pick up the 'polite refusers' (OK .. I'll answer your handful of questions to keep you happy') and the satisficers. Apologies for the long reply - but I believe in depth of understanding.

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