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Monday, 30 November 2015

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Will the ends justify the means in offshoring transparency?


Tom - If you were a company that doesn't offshore or even outsource (and prides itself on that and the service provided) - would you want to display a logo saying "Responsible offshoring" - probably not - Because that might give the impression to your customers that you do outsource/ offshore. But if you don't display a logo, that might then give the impression that you outsource/ offshore irresponsibly (as you’re not displaying the “responsible offshoring” logo. Therefore the “No offshoring” logo fits perfectly with that type of company. You are right the big MR agencies might not want anything to do with it, because there probably is still a stigma to offshoring – otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing the objections to the two different logos. But only by being transparent will the big MR agencies remove that stigma. i.e. if they can say “we offshore but we still do a fantastic job”. It’s possible in the short term the two logos might give a very marginal marketing advantage to those companies that don’t offshore – but that’s partly because there has been a lack of transparency in the past, which I think most people agree needs to be in place.

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