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Sunday, 24 May 2015

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Latest opinion pieces

Take your partner by the hand


Partnerships are leading to greater innovation in the industry such as easier access to niche audiences. Cint’s global commercial director Richard Thornton outlines his top tips.

Throw the panel in the river


Online panels aren’t broken, says Instantly’s Ben Leet. But if researchers continue to treat panellists like commodities, they’ll never extract maximum value from them.

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What can market research learn from KFC?


Market research is surrounded by misconceptions, says Lucy Hoang. Could the industry learn from a fast food chain how to lose its reputational baggage?

Anatomy of a political ad


Neuro-Insight used brain imaging techniques to dissect two rival election broadcasts with some interesting findings for political parties looking to draw in voters.

The shape of the tolerance zone


Rory Sutherland considers the role of quadratic voting and where, when and how it may be applied.

Behavioural economics: a con?


Behavioural economics has a monopoly on policy-making, says Tonic’s Charlie Richards. But is it just a useful label? And do labels really matter?

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Unifying the voice of a brand's 12th man


Data sources should not compete with each other, but rather provide a collective view of the customer says Ryan Garner.

MR and VoC: two sides of the same strategic coin


Market research and voice of the customer work should complement, not threaten each other, says Wale Omiyale of Confirmit.

What Channel 4’s 'Teens' tells us about teenagers’ digital lives


The world of teenagers depicted on Channel 4’s Teens documentary shows a group obsessed with online social comment, but is this an accurate picture or just good telly? By Matthew Nevardis

#Budget2015 – what next for marketing services & MR?


Sinead Hasson, managing director of Hasson Associates, gives her assessment of where the industry needs to focus in light of the recent budget.