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Tuesday, 03 March 2015

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Latest opinion pieces

A spotlight on skills


As insight continues to evolve, researchers can give employability a boost by harnessing skills. Sinead Hasson looks over the past twelve months in from a skills perspective.

Significance – statistical or practical?


With the common misinterpretation of statistical ‘significance’ Leigh Morris says researchers and marketers must better understand the difference between something statistically significant and actually meaningful.

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Seven rules of social media evaluation


Evaluating social media campaigns is moving from ‘likes’ to measuring ROI. It creates an opportunity for market researchers if they can grasp the chance to be the natural masters of this growth area says Ray Poynter.

Magazines must adapt to changing reader behaviour


As the latest ABCs show, magazine decline is steadying as these brands extend and target consumers’ passion points. But more still needs to be done as Carat’s head of publishing, Stephanie Arlett, explains

Don’t forget the paper


Despite the ease and low-cost of online surveys, there is still a role for paper surveys with their ability to capture dependable data argues OSC World’s Jeffrey Schneider.

Beyond the big reveal


Sharing tracking study findings is no longer about revealing the big story to clients at scheduled intervals, says Brian Kushnir of Added Value. Now agencies must adapt to deliver searchable, shareable insight when it arises.

Training for the future


If Africa is to fulfil its potential for business growth, then the correct infrastructure for market research must be in place. That means investment in training, says Phyllis Macfarlane.

Challenging cool, talking real


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to researching kids, says Joanne Cliff of Platypus Research. Here she outlines her four key steps to understanding ‘real’ kids.

The Rise of Quick Qual


Brand marketers need qualitative insight quickly, so Stephen Phillips offers some suggestions to make qual more agile.

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A Choice for MR: Folly Prevention or Fame Promotion?


As BrainJuicer marks 15 years of business, CEO John Kearon argues the case for researchers supporting System 1 marketing and where that may lead.