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Friday, 28 November 2014

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Latest opinion pieces

The dangers of DIY research


The advent of social media has led to a proliferation of poorly-executed DIY research, says Cherry Taylor of Dynamic Markets. She believes it’s time for market researchers to take a stand.

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Panning for gold in big data


The next must-have for the market research industry is text analytics according to Confirmit’s Wale Omiyale.

Who wants to be a consumer?


The notion of consumers is passé, say Benoit Beaufils and Christophe Fauconnier of Innate Motion, and market researchers need to see individuals not as consumers, but as a patchwork of social identities.

Time for MR brands to standout and be strong


Market research agencies are too generic, instead they need to focus on brand positioning to create dynamism and differentiation worthy of our innovative industry says Lucy Davison of Keen as Mustard Marketing.

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When words aren't enough


It’s not what you say, but how you say it that counts, says Alex Culshaw. He argues that it’s vital for qualitative researchers of all levels to ‘be there’ as much as possible.

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The seven most expensive research agency mistakes


Research agencies often repeat the same mistakes, says training consultant Chris Merrington. He describes the seven most expensive errors that research agencies make with existing clients.

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Psychtech ‘outsiders’ challenge research insiders to change


It took the advertising industry 15 years to adjust to the existence of the internet. How long will it take research to fully adjust to behavioural economics and big data asks VisualDNA’s Jacob Wright.

Measuring satisfaction


As businesses search for better understanding of customer satisfaction, Tim Glowa, co-founder of analytics company Bug Insights and Lauren White associate consultant, discuss current limitations in measuring.

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Five insight issues facing marketers


What are the issues facing insight specialists at the world’s biggest companies? Rob Dreblow from the World Federation of Advertisers highlights five common challenges.

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Ello Ello: premium vs freemium in social media


Ad-free, invitation-only social media platform Ello has attracted thousands of membership requests since its launch. Richard Bussy of GfK ponders the questions that its growing popularity raises.