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Wednesday, 07 October 2015

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Latest opinion pieces

Millennials, smartphones and the impact on advertisers


Millennials may face challenges previous generations didn’t but their digital freedom means they can take part in an on-going, multi-media conversation. Adele Gritten shares insights on how this generation connects with newsbrands.

Think games not gamification


Forget everything you know about gamification. Now, remember what you love about games. If you can follow these two simple steps when designing market research studies, the payoff might surprise you says Joe Marks.

Commoditization in market research


As demand for insight rises, is the market research industry facing commoditization of its services? Richard Thornton of Cint discusses.

Making the most of mobile


The industry is approaching a tipping point in terms of mobile use, says Stefan Schäfer. He offers his thoughts on how harnessing mobile technology can guide better decision-making.

Using social to fast forward to the future


Gathering insight from social data may require organisations to adopt new approaches but they can’t afford to be left behind warns TNS’s Rosie Hawkins.

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Mind measurement


In the latest in Colin Strong’s series rethinking areas of market research, he turns his attention to the importance of attitude measurement and psychometrics.

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Video content appeal across the platforms


The way in which people are watching video content is subtly shifting as Hyperfine Media’s Garth Haley explains.

Removing the jokers from the pack


Checking data quality should be as important a part of the research process as analysing results, says Laura Finnemore. She wants to drive sample quality to the top of the agenda.

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Surveys and 'the swipe'


With the prevalence of the ‘swipe’ gesture in apps like Tinder, should researchers be incorporating this intuitive action into mobile surveys? Andrew Wiseman of ICM asks.

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Deal or no deal


The old assumptions about car buyers no longer apply. It’s time for dealers to rethink their sales approach, says Iain Stanfield, head of brand and customer experience research at GfK.