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Monday, 20 October 2014

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Latest opinion pieces

Measuring satisfaction


As businesses search for better understanding of customer satisfaction, Tim Glowa, co-founder of analytics company Bug Insights and Lauren White associate consultant, discuss current limitations in measuring.

Five insight issues facing marketers


What are the issues facing insight specialists at the world’s biggest companies? Rob Dreblow from the World Federation of Advertisers highlights five common challenges.

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Ello Ello: premium vs freemium in social media


Ad-free, invitation-only social media platform Ello has attracted thousands of membership requests since its launch. Richard Bussy of GfK ponders the questions that its growing popularity raises.

Data aggregation and finding the golden goose to lay those eggs


Market research benefits from clients, suppliers and data firms collaborating to merge data and create better, more holistic insight. Cint’s Richard Thornton explains how with tech start-ups moving into this space, existing players must form partnerships to provide technology-led solutions that make data gathering and analysis a seamless experience for clients.

The next generation approach to brand equity tracking


Added Value’s Chris Prox and Brian Kushnir look at how brand equity tracking has to adapt to meet the realities of marketing in today’s business environment.

The future of food: what if everyone stops feeling hungry?


Researchers are looking into ways of suppressing appetite, and if successful, the future of the food industry could be very different, as Susan Krueger explains.

Segmenting a cultural audience


The Museum of London’s director of communications, Antony Robbins, describes how an audience segmentation sharpened the museum’s customer focus, and how these insights have been shared with other cultural organisations around the world.

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Reaching the multi-platform respondents


As consumers switch between devices, this cross platform behaviour is affecting survey completion. Aaron Jue, market research director at Decipher has some best practice advice for researchers managing surveys in this environment.

Are we nearly there yet?


Net Promoter Score can be a useful measure of consumer loyalty, but, says Deborah Eastman of Satmetrix, to be truly effective companies must know how to react, not just listen and measure.

Procurement: friend or foe?


Procurement departments are having more and more of a role in research buying. Craig Scott looks at the consequences of this for everyone involved.

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