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MRS Online Research Conference: Some Thoughts

Mon, 13 Oct 2014

Finally the best bits of a Research 2.0 conference are the practical examples, not just the great ideas.

Buzz Off?

Mon, 15 Feb 2010

Google Buzz shows us how little we know about how social networks operate as brands.

Teens Don't Blog?

Thu, 4 Feb 2010

It’s the culture, not just the numbers, that we should look at when we think about teen blogging.

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Where the fish are

Thu, 14 Jan 2010

Coca-Cola is shifting marketing focus from websites to social media. What are the implications for researchers?

10 for 2010 via TrendsSpotting

Tue, 22 Dec 2009

Ten social media trends and how they’re relevant to market research.

Peak Crowd

Thu, 12 Nov 2009

Community and crowd-based research is often held up as a solution to the problem of respondent boredom - but there's a hidden gamble behind this idea.

Too few respondents? Why not build some?

Wed, 4 Nov 2009

Do digital “replicants” have any part to play in social media research?

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sample

Mon, 26 Oct 2009

An espionage classic holds lessons for social media researchers.

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Incentives 2.0? Respondents on the open market

Fri, 16 Oct 2009

An iPhone app hints at a world where respondents price their own opinions.

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Tilting at Crowdmills

Tue, 29 Sep 2009

Forbes writer Dan Woods wormed his way into the heart of the crowd. He was shocked to find out what was allowed.

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Surveys Are Videogames

Mon, 21 Sep 2009

If this statement is true, what are its implications?

All The World's A Stage

Wed, 16 Sep 2009

In social media, even behavioural data isn't as innocent as it might seem.


Tue, 15 Sep 2009

Social media analysis is often lovelier than it is useful.

Social concept testing

Thu, 10 Sep 2009

A site allows users to submit product concepts and choose which make it to market.

Should 5% Confidence Appear Too Small...

Wed, 9 Sep 2009

How might the Beatles career have been affected if they’d used market research? A tongue in cheek look.

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UK Research Tweetup

Tue, 8 Sep 2009

The first ever (?) UK market research Tweetup will be on Wednesday 23rd September

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Research Trainwreck!

Fri, 4 Sep 2009

A DIY research project on a fan fiction community goes horribly wrong…

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At Least It Wasn't Comic Sans

Wed, 2 Sep 2009

IKEA’s font change leads to questions about the relationship between social media and research.

Shouting In The Echo Chamber

Wed, 2 Sep 2009

A survey shows what gets ReTweets

Lipstick on a pig

Mon, 6 Jul 2009

Do respondents prefer their surveys boring?