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Friday, 27 March 2015

Wayin heads for the enterprise with Great Place to Work deal

US— Employee research and training firm Great Place to Work (GPW) is partnering with Wayin, the Q&A service, to give human resources teams access to “pulse survey” capabilities.

GPW typically works with companies to develop and implement employee engagement programmes and measures their success using its annual Trust Index survey.

However, through its tie-up with Wayin, GPW says clients will be able to run additional surveys throughout the year to monitor progress in specific areas of the management-employee relationship.

Wayin CEO Tom Jessiman told Research the company would look to follow up the GPW deal with other partnerships to bring the Wayin platform further into the enterprise space.

To date, Wayin – backed by Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Scott McNealy – has largely focused on the consumer-facing side of its offer; the web and mobile apps (pictured) that allow friends and family to ask questions of one another and vote on various topics.

Last month, it launched the TwitPolls app for Twitter users to survey their followers.

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