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Monday, 30 November 2015

Research Now rebrands iPinion following acquisition

US— Research Now has rebranded iPinion as Research Now Mobile following the completion of its acquisition of the mobile research specialist earlier this year.

The Research Now Mobile platform will allow users to carry out qual and quant surveys on mobiles, smartphones and tablets and operating systems including iOS, Android and Blackberry. There are more than ten ways to launch a survey, including geo-fencing, geo-targeting, venue triggering and push notification.

Pala Kuppusamy (pictured), CEO of Research Now Mobile, said the combination of IPinion and Research Now will ensure that researchers have a solid “understanding of the differences and opportunities presented by mobile technology in order to deliver timely and quality data” to clients.

The firm acquired iPinion in May this year. Click here to read an interview with Miles Worne about Research Now’s mobile plans.


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