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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

QuestBack launches Listen & Act tool to bolster Social CRM capabilities

UK— Social CRM specialist QuestBack has launched a social engagement tool called Listen & Act. It aims to help organisations turn social media messages into insights they can use in conjunction with CRM data.

QuestBack says the tool “enables businesses to quickly sift through messages, view levels of influence and utilise engagement tools, such as surveys and communities, to create unique experiences for their customers based on enquiries and preferences”.

The tool will offer firms feedback management through keyword monitoring and grouping of common themes based on survey responses. It will also provide users with an integrated sentiment analysis and Klout score, so that they can prioritise actions and identify influences.

Ivan Kroghurd, CEO of Questback (pictured), said the tool will enable businesses to tap “into the power of the customer and strengthen loyalty”.


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