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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Nielsen opens Israeli technology incubator

ISRAEL— The Israeli government has appointed Nielsen Innovate, Nielsen’s majority-owned subsidiary in Israel, to launch a technology incubator in the country which aims to support businesses through the development of marketing, consumer and advertising research technologies.

The new centre, which will operate in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel, will be based in the Haifa region. Technologies developed at the Incubator will then be put on a “fast track” to be used by Nielsen’s clients around the world.

Itzhak Fisher (pictured), EVP of global business development at Nielsen Innovate, said: “This is another important step in Nielsen’s innovation continuum. It further demonstrates Nielsen’s commitment to discovering, developing and delivering the latest and greatest innovations to our clients.”

The new Israeli hub follows the launch of NielsenLAB in Singapore, which develops neuroscience, shopper technology and measurement science, and the opening of the Innovation Lab in the US.

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