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Thursday, 26 November 2015

NetBase unveils DCI dashboards for social intelligence

US — NetBase, the enterprise social intelligence platform company, has unveiled a Digital Channel Intelligence (DCI) solution, enabling brands and agencies to understand the conversations fans and followers are having, instead of relying only on measuring “likes”.

The company claims DCI will offer a comprehensive, real-time picture of what’s happening across digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, so that digital marketers can identify key metrics specific to the activity they wish to monitor, such as community growth, amplification or conversion rates.

NetBase claims that by closely observing fan and follower behaviours and understanding what they are actually saying, marketers will be able to make better decisions about their content, channel selection and timing.

DCI is currently being used for Facebook fan page analysis by early adopter customers and NetBase says general availability for other owned social channels will follow. The solution was unveiled this week at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in San Francisco.

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