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Monday, 30 November 2015

Mopapp add intelligence tools for mobile publishers

US— Mobile analytics firm Mopapp has unveiled a series of new tools to help publishers with market penetration and social engagement via apps.

The new features will be integrated into Mopapp’s analytics dashboard. They contain App Store Ranking comparison charts and Sentiment Analysis tools that will provide measurable insights into the behaviour of mobile app users. Publishers can use this data in their marketing and development strategies to improve downloads, ratings and profitability.

The firm claims that the App Store Ranking tool will provide mobile app publishers with current-day insights into the positions of the top-ranked applications for iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace. These automated charts will provide publishers with side-by-side rankings across multiple product categories and different countries.

“In combination, the release of these two powerful tools provides Mopapp users with an unprecedented level of insight into the real-time value of their critical digital assets,” said Alessandro Rizzoli, co-founder & CEO of Mopapp.

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