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Monday, 30 November 2015

Ipsos upgrades MediaCell radio listening test panel

UK— Ipsos MediaCT has scaled up the test panel for its MediaCell radio audience measurement tool to 350 respondents.

The MediaCell technology is downloaded to 3G mobile phones and uses a device’s microphone to monitor the radio broadcasts people are exposed to.

Radio broadcasters that have signed up to take part in the year-long test include the BBC, Global, Bauer, Absolute, Smooth and TalkSport. It is supported by radio ratings body Rajar.

Commercial director Jim Ford (pictured), who is heading the project, said: “We are looking for the panel to give us further insight as to the full potential that electronic passive measurement offers.”

Ipsos launched the MediaCell trial panel last year. Technical head Marco Barbaccia said: “The early success of the trials and tests so far mean that we can now move to larger-scale deployment ahead of our original planned timetable.”

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