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Friday, 27 November 2015

GutCheck interviewing service goes mobile

US— DIY online qual research service GutCheck has evolved its technology to allow clients to log in and interview consumers using their web-enabled mobile devices.

CEO and co-founder Matt Warta (pictured) said: “GutCheck sits in that sweet spot where marketers and researchers can try out ideas on the fly and get solid qualitative feedback without the weeks spent of budget approvals and arranging panels or focus groups. So it made sense to give our clients the ability to log in from their mobile phones or tablets.”

Earlier this year GutCheck won the $1m People’s Choice Award at the DEMO conference for emerging technologies and new product innovations.

It allows clients to carry out 30-minute interviews with respondents for $40 a time. Once users have completed an interview with a respondent, a downloadable transcript is produced.

Respondents are recruited through a panel partnership with uSamp.

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