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Monday, 30 November 2015

Social science hub opens for researchers

UK— Academic publisher Sage has launched a cross-community network designed to bring together those with a stake in social science.

Socialsciencespace aims to appeal to researchers, funders, societies, think tanks, policy makers and government.

Early contributors include individuals from the Academy for Social Sciences, the Institute for Education, the Metropolitan Police, the National Institute of Health and the Institute for Government.

The hub will feature blog posts, free videos, reports and slides, as well as events listings for social science conferences and seminars across the world.

Ziyad Marar, global publishing director at Sage said: “The argument for the importance of social science research and teaching has never been more urgent, and yet the voices making the case are disparate and thus somewhat diffuse in their impact. In launching Socialsciencespace we hope to help coordinate these energetic debates and to provide a necessary focal point, where academics, journalists, funders and policy makers can interact effectively.”

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