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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Richard Marks quits Kantar Media Audiences

UK— Richard Marks, global CEO of Kantar Media Audiences, is to leave the company to set up his own consultancy business. He will be replaced by Richard Asquith, currently CEO of Kantar Media’s TGI & Custom division.

The changeover will occur in August. It is unclear who will replace Asquith in his current role, where he has responsibility for developing Kantar Media’s international network of TGI studies.

Marks leaves after four years. He was previously global director of research and business development for the media sector. Asquith is a former managing director of BMRB.

Jean-Michel Portier, CEO of Kantar Media, acknowledged Marks’ “enormous contribution” to the firm and said Asquith “will build on the excellent momentum that has been established in our audience’s business.”

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