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Monday, 30 November 2015

Qual firm Focus Pointe Global get investment and new CEO

US— Qualitative data collection company Focus Pointe Global has appointed a new CEO to lead its new growth plan after securing an undisclosed amount of private equity funding from MVC Private Equity Fund.

The firm, which runs 10 focus group facilities and claims to offer fieldwork capabilities in all “major” US cities, has appointed Noel Sitzmann (pictured) as CEO to lead a new phase of “aggressive growth”.

He replaces company founder Tom Bershad, who will stay with FPG in a “corporate development” role. He said: “After 24 years leading FPG, I am delighted to turn the company over to such capable leadership that I know will continue to focus on customer satisfaction while uncovering expansion and enhancement opportunities across FPG’s offerings.”

Sitzmann comes to FPG after 11 years as president and CEO of employment management technology firm PreVisor.

Focus Pointe Global said that the money it received from MVC would be used for acquisitions, expanding its locations and developing its technology.

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