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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Populus loses ICM founder as special advisor

UK— Nick Sparrow has stepped down from his role as a special adviser to research and polling firm Populus, managing director Michael Simmonds said today.

The founder of ICM Group, a rival pollster, started working with Populus last September to provide guidance on issues including business growth and methodological innovation.

He was one of the several former ICM executives to resurface at Populus, including former ICM Direct boss Patrick Diamond and directors Gary Muncaster and Chris Menzies.

Simmonds said “Nick has played an important role, working on methodological developments and research tools. His advice and support has been invaluable.”

Sparrow added: “Populus now has a really impressive range of research and analysis tools and a really good team of professionals. The company can expect to prosper as a result.”

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