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Monday, 30 November 2015

New GfK practice to address 'relationship economy'

GERMANY— GfK is merging its global brand, communication, satisfaction and loyalty research teams into one practice, led by Helen Zeitoun, the former president of GfK custom research in France.

Zeitoun says the move addresses marketers’ need for “a holistic view on how to engineer consumer experiences and communications to optimise brand relationships and drive loyalty”.

“As consumers, we now live in an ‘experience and relationship economy’, which has changed traditional behavioural patterns towards brands, products and services”, she said. “Research has to evolve, to include modern and sensitive ways to capture experience relationships, better predict behaviour and be more accurate in ROI approaches.”

Debbie Pruent (pictured), member of the GfK management board, said: “For over 20 years Helen has been at the forefront of GfK’s thought leadership and innovation in both brand and loyalty research. Under Helen’s leadership our integrated brand and customer experience practice will build on GfK’s existing expertise to unlock new insights and deliver significant value to our clients.”

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