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Monday, 30 November 2015

Milena Moncaleano to head insight for MediaCom Colombia

COLOMBIA — MediaCom has named Milena Moncaleano as the leader of its research and insight department in its new Colombia office, following the acquisition of Massive, a well-known local agency in the country.

At MediaCom Colombia, Moncaleano will report to CEO Paulina Parra, and will also lead research and insight development of the Andean Region. Other new joiners will be Ximena Villamil as client services director; Marlene Acosta as negotiation director and Diana West, in charge of digital services.

Fernando Emilio Silva, CEO of Latin America & Caribbean at MediaCom, said: “The team, led by Paulina has well-defined competences focused on a vision of change, innovation, client service and teamwork, in other words, the real “People First” profile that defines MediaCom. No doubt they will add a strengthening of the operation in the market and will bring a fresh and inspiring air to all of the region offices.”

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