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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Insight Strategy Group boost quant team with new VP hire

US— Insight Strategy Group has appointed Stephen Lenzen to the newly created position of vice president, quantitative strategy.  

The appointment comes as the company looks to expand its quantitative research practice, under the guidance of Perry Baldwin, chief possibility officer.

In his new position, Lenzen is responsible for leading and directing Insight’s quant research team. He will develop and design quant studies and he will be responsible for data analysis and interpretation to give those studies context and meaning.  

He will work closely with Insight’s qualitative teams across a cross-section of the company’s business practices and clients.

Lenzen comes to Insight after serving as vice president, advanced analytics for BAV Consulting, Y&R Brands since 2011, where he created and refined client brand strategies based on quantitative and qualitative research.  

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