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Monday, 30 November 2015

Ex-Yorkshire Bank analyst launches new firm Trig Point

UK— Former clientside researcher Andrew Longward has launched his own company, Trig Point Research & Consultancy.

Longward (pictured) spent 15 years working in the financial sector, first as an analyst and senior analyst at Halifax before moving to Yorkshire Bank where he was latterly manager of the analysis team.

He was made redundant last year but wanted to stay in the industry. A lack of clientside jobs in the area where he lives helped persuade him to start out on his own, he explained.

“I’ve got the background and I know what companies are looking for from a research company,” Longward said.

Trig Point offers ‘freelance support’ to businesses carrying out their own research projects, or provides support to research agencies on an ad hoc or contract basis. Longward as already carried out work for Boxclever and MTM London.

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