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Monday, 30 November 2015

Over 60% of under 12s own an internet-enabled mobile device

US — More than 60% of children (12 and under) now own an internet-enabled mobile device.

According to Ipsos MediaCT’s annual LMX Family study, now in its sixth wave, the number of devices owned by under 12s has grown 250% since 2011.

The study revealed significant growth over the last year in parents agreeing that “family media time means everyone is in the same room but consuming different content”. There was also significant year-on-year growth in families’ - particularly millennial parents - use of video on demand (both free and paid for).

“More and more parents are heading online to satisfy the content desires of their kids,” said Donna Sabino, leader of the Ipsos Kids & Family Centre of Excellence.

“This is critical. As parents are teaching their children how and where to access entertainment and information, they are establishing behaviors that can last a lifetime.”

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