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Friday, 27 November 2015

VivaKi in ad viewability partnership with ComScore

US— VivaKi Nerve Center, the R&D arm of Publicis’ digital marketing network, has formed a partnership with ComScore to offer ad viewability metrics to clients.

The partners will offer a custom version of ComScore’s Audience On Demand (AOD) tool, which is part of the firm’s Campaign Essentials suite of products.

Through the partnership, AOD will provide viewability data on a “pre-bid” verification basis, which screens impressions at server level before a client commits to buying the adspace, eliminating the possibility of buying ad space that is either unacceptable to the buyer or not in view.

Mike Zeman, VP of solutions at the VivaKi Nerve Center, said: “Viewability insights obtained ‘pre-bid’ enable us to more accurately assess the value of inventory in the ecosystem and deliver significantly better results for our clients.”


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