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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

SPA Future Thinking unveils new camera-based tool

UK— SPA Future Thinking has rolled out an ethnographic tool that asks respondents to create a visual narrative of where they go and what they are exposed to.

The See-Me approach is the second ethnographic tool to roll out of SPA Future Thinking’s Quantum Lab following the launch of Be-There earlier this year.

Respondents are equipped with a range of different cameras, including video, motion sensor or fish eye lenses, depending on the task they are performing. SPA Future Thinking said that the footage and images from the cameras are then used as stimulus during face-to-face interviews with respondents to discuss the thoughts and motivations behind their actions.

The firm said that clients are already using the new service, but it was unable to name them due to confidentiality agreements.

CEO Jon Priest (pictured) said: “See-Me allow us to bridge the gap between actual and recalled behaviour.”

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