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Friday, 27 November 2015

SocialGuide offers Hispanic TV buzz monitoring for Univision

US— Social TV and data company SocialGuide has launched a Spanish-language version of its SocialGuide Intelligence TV data platform, which analyses social media conversations about networks, programmes and episodes to spot trends and find opportunities for broadcasters to engage with their audiences.

Sean Casey

Spanish-language broadcaster Univision will be the first to use the new service. Monica Talan, SVP of corporate communications and public relations, said: “The significant growth in Hispanic connectivity via interactive platforms, including social, has made it imperative that we partner with SocialGuide to better connect [with viewers] on a much deeper level.”

Alongside its Intelligence offering, SocialGuide has developed apps designed to help TV viewers decide what to watch based on ongoing analysis of TV-related buzz.

SocialGuide founder Sean Casey (pictured) said: “With the growing Hispanic television audience in the US, it was critical to include Spanish-language programming on our SocialGuide Intelligence platform. We are excited to partner with Univision and provide them with social insights about their programming and social audience.”

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