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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Scripps Television extends Rentrak deal

US— Broadcaster Scripps Television has extended its contract with Rentrak to receive local TV ratings for an additional five markets.

The firm will now receive audience numbers for its ABC-affiliate stations WMAR in Baltimore, WCPO in Cincinnati, WEWS in Cleveland, WXYZ in Detroit and WPTV in West Palm Beach. The firm previously received ratings for the Detroit area from Rentrak.

Rentrak said the deal was a milestone for the company – with Cleveland the first top-20 media market to have all major affiliates subscribing to its local TV ratings service.

Brian Lawlor, SVP at Scripps, said: “As Scripps stations work to engage audiences through meaningful dialogue, Rentrak’s advanced demographics help us assist our clients in reaching the audiences that consume their products every day. The large database included in Rentrak’s service give us unique and valuable insight into how viewers experience television on a daily basis in our local markets.”

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