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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Quadrangle, Join the Dots and Truth scoop Aura awards

UK— The Association of Users of Research Agencies (Aura) has handed out awards to three agencies, nominated and judged by research buyers.

The commercial context award, for an agency that “makes a habit of talking in terms of the implications of research, rather than just summarising findings”, was won by Quadrangle, while Join the Dots (formerly Virtual Surveys) won the award for clear communication.

Truth scooped the most-wanted award after members said that they see the firm “as an agency that is constantly pushing boundaries and widening the range of skills they recruit”.

Aura chairman Richard Drury said: “Aura is delighted to recognise those agencies that our members find really deliver what they they are looking for. Research is one piece of the insight jigsaw for clients and we must value agencies that help us build the overall picture. The award-winning agencies have all demonstrated to our members that they can get that wider perspective on customer insight right.”

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