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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Post Office invites bids for £12m MR roster

UK— The Post Office has put out a market research tender worth up to £12m over four years. The roster, consisting of up to 20 agencies, will stand for two years, with the option to extend by a further two.

An estimated 20 agencies are needed to carry out four lots of work as part of the framework, covering qualitative research, a combination of qual and quant, operational feedback and branch-level feedback.

Lot one (qualitative work covering branding, advertising and communications) is worth £100,000 a year, lot two (qual and quant brand tracking and evaluation) will be worth £1.5m a year, lot three (monitoring customer experience) is valued at £450,000 a year, and lot four will cover branch-level feedback and will be worth £900,000 a year.

More details on the tender can be found here.

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