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Thursday, 26 November 2015

New CRE study hopes to improve diary samples

US— The Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence is to embark on a three-market study to look at ways of improving diary samples for local TV measurement.

The aim of the study is to help better understand response bias in address-based samples. The three markets where the research will take place are Dallas-Fort Worth (a local people meter market), Albuquerque-Santa Fe (a standard Nielsen meter market) and Paducah, Kentucky-Cape Girardeau, Missouri-Harrisburg, Illinois (a diary market).

Sampled homes in all three markets will be sent a questionnaire on media equipment ownership and general viewing patterns. Any homes identified as not having a TV set will be asked if they have any source of television available to them. If they do, they will be sent a modified diary to record what they view and what device they use to watch it.

CRE chair Ceril Shagrin said: “By making comparisons of diary-based measurement to meter-based measurement and set-top-box information – and conducting specific follow-up studies with non-responding as well as non-TV homes – this effort should provide new insights into responders and non-responders of the address-based sampling diary service.”

The study is the second project carried out by the CRE’s Sample Quality Committee.

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