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Thursday, 26 November 2015

KwikSurveys closes after 'hacker attack'

US— DIY online survey tool KwikSurveys has cancelled all paid subscriptions and plans to close down after the firm’s website was targeted by hackers and taken offline on 25 June.

KwikSurveys says staff are working on unpaid to help users access and download their data, which has been unavailable for more than two weeks.

The company initially thought that the site outage was due to a major server failure and a corruption of data backups. But they now say it has that the loss of data was not hardware-related but was the the work of a group of hackers targeting the company.

The firm says it is collecting information to pass to the relevant authorities for further investigation.

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Readers' comments (4)

  • Does anyone have an update on if and how to retrieve data?

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  • wow. This is... wow. Our website has been using them for years, and only tonight did we find out the link we've been sending to people gives a 404 error. Kwiksurveys made NO attempt to contact ANYONE saying they were taking everything offline. Not only that but we spent hours carefully creating our surveys and it was essential to our operations and now we can't even login to recovery what we wrote. Yes, I know kwiksurveys offers a free service, but if they can't keep stuff running they shouldnt even be offering the service. Our admin will be spending a few hours late tonight removing all traces of kwiksurveys from the website and emails, and the rest of the week will be spent trying to recreate the surveys we lost. Very disappointing, I hope Kwiksurveys knows the damage they did.

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  • I agree with the person below/above. i will have to work my ass off to resort those kwik survey in fact i have to rewrite the entire survey again. this is really upsetting.

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  • Pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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