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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Kadence opens dozens of fieldwork offices in India

INDIA— Kadence International has opened 55 fieldwork offices in India after winning $2m-worth of new business in the country.

The offices across the country will house fieldworkers to handle several “very large” tracking surveys that have been commissioned by existing clients, global chairman Simon Everard told Research.

Kadence International has appointed 225 permanent staff to manage the 55 new offices, which will house 700 telephone and face-to-face interviewers to work on the large-scale tracking studies. The firm already had a presence in India through two offices in Delhi and Mumbai – which each house 150-seat call centres and the firm’s insight teams.

Sarvjeet Panesar (pictured), managing partner at Kadence International India, said: “We are delighted to have had the resources to launch such an extensive operation across India, and employ passionate teams that are experienced in gaining the views and opinions of local people and turning this into actionable insight. As India is such a vast and diverse country, having an on-the-ground presence is invaluable in providing accurate and current data to organisations operating in these communities. Our reach is attracting significant attention from those managing government and not-for-profit research projects in India as well as other market research agencies.”

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