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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

John Gongos commemorated with charitable fund

US— The late John Gongos is to be commemorated through a charitable fund set up by his agency, Gongos Research, in association with Research For Good and Outrun the Sun. It will be called the John Gongos Melanoma Education Fund.

Gongos died in July aged 51, having been diagnosed with metastatic melanoma earlier that month. He started Gongos Research in 1991 and continued to lead it until 10 July this year.

The fund has been created jointly by the three firms to “honour Gongos’ contributions to our industry by making a donation to support melanoma education”. It intends to raise at least $10,000 for the melanoma charity, Outrun the Sun, which will go directly to educating communities about skin cancer in an effort to reduce the number of cases.

Outrun the Sun co-founder and executive director, Anita Day, said: “John Gongos’ desire to always create a positive impact, whether for colleagues or clients, is something that we will mirror as we implement new educational initiatives.”

To make a donation to the John Gongos Melanoma Education Fund, visit

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