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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Heineken and InSites co-create club concept

BELGIUM— Heineken is looking to co-create a nightclub concept for next year’s Milan Design Week, with input coming from an online community run by InSites Consulting.

Designers are being invited to submit portfolios to the Heineken while a community of 120 “design-savvy clubbers” from 20 cities will provide a “briefing and inspiration” to them with insight gathered from their clubbing experiences. InSites Consulting said that the community will provide a “consumer journey map” that visualises clubbers’ motivations, perceptions and experiences.

A selection of the most talented designers will then be invited to show their ideas at events in either New York, Tokyo, Milan and Sao Paulo, where a final line up of 20 will be selected.

Mark van Iterson, manager for Heineken Design and Concept, said: “The Open Design Exploration project will enable us to build on the creative momentum that exists in the brand and help us create nightlife environments that deepen the bond that we enjoy with our consumers.”

The final concept will be unveiled at Milan Design Week in April 2012.

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