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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Facebook biggest climber in Brandz study

US— Facebook was valued at $104bn last week in one of the most talked about IPOs in history, but according to Millward Brown’s annual Brandz study of the most valuable global brands, the social media giant’s name is worth only $33.2bn.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company was, however, the fastest-rising brand in the Brandz rankings, jumping to 19th from 35th last year.

Apple remained in the top spot for the second year running, with a brand value of $182.9bn, while IBM overtook Google to move into take second place.

The top ten, with last year’s positions in brackets, are:

1. (1) Apple – $182.9bn

2. (3) IBM – $116bn

3. (2) Google – $107.9bn

4. (4) McDonalds – $95.2bn

5. (5) Microsoft – $76.7bn

6. (6) Coca-Cola – $74.3bn

7. (8) Marlboro – $73.6bn

8. (7) AT&T – $68.9bn

9 (13) Verizon – $49.2bn

10. (9) China Mobile – $47bn

Brandz rankings are based on financial data and interviews with more than one million consumers around the world.

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