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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

ComScore launches ad validation tool

US— Online audience measurement firm ComScore has introduced a way of measuring whether internet users have had a chance to see digital ads that are delivered to their computer.

The introduction of Validated Campaign Essentials comes after ComScore carried out a survey of 12 national premium brands and found that, in many cases, ads were being delivered but “not in-view or on target”.

President and CEO Magid Abraham said: “The display advertising market today is characterised by an overabundance of inventory, often residing on parts of a web page that are never viewed by the user. This dilutes the impact of campaigns for advertisers and represents a drag on prices to publishers. Conversely, some ads below the fold are quite visible and deserve more credit… Ultimately, this type of third-party validation will help identify and appropriately price the proportion of online ad inventory that delivers value, improve buying and selling decisions, and instill more confidence and trust in the industry.”

The firm said it is preparing to launch the service in the UK.

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