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Monday, 30 November 2015

Clarite unveils online research tool using sticky notes

UK— Clarite Research has unveiled an online tool for brand owners and agencies to optimise research on any uploadable form of communication using virtual sticky notes.

The Clarite Mass-Qual tool uses an online panel to quickly target large numbers of respondents. Once in the survey, respondents can use the “Stikky” notes to attach virtual comments to any part of the communication mix under research, including direct mail, email, web pages, video and recorded conversations or messages.

Jeremy Braune, director at Clarite, explained: “The constant challenge for researchers is to provide clear, highly actionable results that are robust enough to allow decision-making that then maximises ROI. Whether the client wants to research the clarity and impact of a new direct marketing campaign, a TV ad or a website for example, our tool can do this quickly, without a lot of hassle and more cost-effectively than traditional qualitative research techniques.”

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