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Saturday, 28 November 2015

BDRC and Data Liberation agree service contract

UK— BDRC Group and Data Liberation have strengthened their existing partnership by signing a new global service contract.

Under the new deal, the two firms will work “even more closely” together to develop technology-driven research offerings. BDRC will retain proprietary rights on products that have been specifically developed for its research needs.

BDRC CEO Cris Tarrant (pictured) said: “Technological innovation has the enormously exciting power to open up new avenues of data management for our clients, so we are delighted to cement this formal relationship with Data Liberation. We were impressed by their user-friendly and cost-effective ‘out of the box’ reporting solutions but, in particular, it is their capability to design and build the most sophisticated systems that makes Data Liberation such a perfect fit for us.”

The relationship between the two companies has already seen the deployment of a tablet-based CAPI system at London City Airport, an online reporting system for the National Passenger Survey for rail users and an integrated survey management, analysis and reporting system for BDRC’s Hotel Guest Surveys product, which is active in 39 countries.

The two firms have been working together since 2003.

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