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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Scripps signs up for TiVo's TV Auto Ratings

US— TV content developer Scripps Networks Interactive has signed up to use TiVo Research and Analytics’ TV Auto Ratings platform to gain information on the link between exposure to adverts and actual purchases.

Scripps will use the platform to examine viewer behaviour across its entire portfolio, which includes DIY Network, Food Network, Travel Channel and Great American Country.

TiVo Research and Analytics, a subsidiary of on-demand video firm TiVo, launched the TV Auto Ratings service at the beginning of 2012. It was designed to help TV networks and advertisers identify the right programming based on the car make and model of households watching specific programs. The platform matches TV tuning data with car information from Experian Automotive’s North American Vehicle Database.

Chris Ryan, VP of sales, research and strategy at Scripps said: “Their sample of nearly one million households of car buyer TV viewing is unlocking new value for car brands to reach the right audience.”

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