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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Rentrak signs its 200th local station, KLAS-TV

US — Rentrak Corporation has signed a multi-year StationView Essentials contract with Landmark Media Enterprises’ KLAS-TV, the 200th station to subscribe to Rentrak’s Local TV ratings service.

The CBS affiliate is the second station in the Las Vegas market to subscribe to Rentrak’s local TV ratings service, which incorporates information from 20 million televisions to provide an integrated system of detailed satellite, telco and cable TV viewing.

“Rentrak provides a bigger picture of our viewers and their buying habits. With this information, we can help our clients maximise their marketing dollars with more precise targeting,” said Emily Neilson, president and general manager of KLAS-TV.

Cathy Hetzel, corporate president and president of advanced media and information at Rentrak, added: “As the 200th station to subscribe to Rentrak, the signing of KLAS-TV marks a major achievement for the Rentrak’s local currency adoption.”

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