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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Endsleigh to run IBM Coremetrics on website

UK— Insurance firm Endsleigh has signed up to use IBM’s Coremetrics web analytics tool in a bid to improve usability and conversion rates on its website.

Endsleigh’s website is currently the source of 95% of its business. It said the IBM analytics programme would help it understand customer behaviour and respond to online trends.

Alongside this, the technology also tracks customers who have started to fill out a form, but failed to complete it – allowing the company to follow up later to offer support and advice if needed.

David Pope, e-business analyst at Endsleigh, said: “We operate in a very competitive market, and so it’s essential for us to understand individual customer behaviour in order to make the buying experience as smooth as possible. It is vital that we reduce basket abandonment by making the application process as logical and straightforward as we can. As such, we absolutely view IBM Coremetrics as a business tool rather than just an IT tool.”

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