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Wednesday, 02 December 2015

Digital consortium creates open source metric for online video ads

US — A consortium of digital video companies has launched an open-source viewability metric for online video ads.

Open Video View (OpenVV) will be freely available to the entire industry and aims to create a single standard around the measurement of online video viewability.

The code was developed with the ANA-4A’s-IAB Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) principles in mind and is being submitted to the 3MS leadership and the Media Rating Council (MRC) as an open reference template for the viewability standard for digital video.

ubeMogul, BrightRoll, Innovid, LiveRail and SpotXchange are the first participants in OpenVV and partner companies have agreed to share data and support the 3MS and the IAB/MRC Emerging Innovations Task Force in defining and supporting an industry-wide viewability standard. 

“We appreciate the insights and cooperation this group has committed to bring to the viewable impression dialogue,” said George Ivie, CEO and executive director of the MRC.  “We hope others will follow the consortium’s lead and add to the data we can assess.”


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