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Monday, 30 November 2015

Aegis Media signs on for Rentrak's commercial ratings

US— Aegis Media agencies, including Carat, will get access to viewership metrics for individual ad spots under a deal announced this week with media measurement firm Rentrak.

Aegis has signed its agencies up to Rentrak’s TV Essentials service, which collects set-top box data from millions of US households to report on national viewing habits.

Earlier this month, the firm added a new module to TV Essentials, called Exact Commercial Ratings, which can tell advertisers how many households were exposed to specific commercials in a campaign run.

Carat USA’s head of research and consumer insights Michelle Lynn said: “Rentrak’s TV Essentials and Exact Commercial Ratings metrics provide the type of information required to better understand people’s viewing behaviours in a fragmented market place.”

Rentrak is headed by CEO Bill Livek (pictured).

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