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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

SPA Future Thinking closing in on lucrative French JV

FRANCE— SPA Future Thinking is in final negotiations with French CRM specialists Groupe Acticall to create a joint venture, known as Future Thinking France.

If fully agreed, the new company will combine SPA Future Thinking’s Paris office with the market research team within Groupe Acticall’s headquarters, also in Paris. Stephane Marder, previously managing director of research agency LH2, will head it up.

Groupe Acticall currently employs over 6,000 staff across 12 locations in France and North Africa and has turnover of over €185m.

Jon Priest, CEO at SPA Future Thinking (pictured), said: “We believe that the combination of Stephane’s leadership and Groupe Acticall’s established presence best positions us to grow in the French market.”

SPA opened its Paris office in October 2010.

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