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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Omniture shareholders back Adobe's $1.8bn takeover

US— Adobe is to complete its acquisition of web analytics firm Omniture today, having secured just under 87% of the company’s shares at the close of the offer period last night.

The $21.50-a-share deal valued the business at $1.8bn. Adobe, which makes graphic design software, hopes the combination of its creative tools with Omniture’s web analytics, measurement and optimisation technologies will help designers to embed “optimisation capabilities” into their work to boost content relevancy and ROI.

Omniture, headed by CEO Josh James (pictured) is one of the biggest providers of paid-for web analyics tools. It recently reported nine-month revenue of $262.6m, up 24%, though it made a loss of $21.6m in the period.

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