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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Liquid takes stake in employee engagement firm Evviva Brands

US— Branding agency Liquid is to acquire 20% of California-based employee engagement and employer branding firm Evviva Brands.

Once the transaction is complete, Liquid said that Evviva will become “A Liquid Agency” but will continue to have an independent management headed up by founder and CEO David Kippen (pictured). Liquid CEO Scott Gardener will take a seat on the Evviva board and Kippen will join the Liquid senior management team.

As well as its engagement services, Evviva offers bespoke research to clients and metrics that provides clients with details of their brand equity and brand value.

Kippen said: “As a Liquid agency we will be able to leverage Liquid’s impressive strength delivering brand strategy as well as creative execution across multiple disciplines.”

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